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What Is The Difference Between Heavy-duty Rack And Light Duty Rack?

- Mar 10, 2019 -

Heavy-duty storage shelves are suitable for storing heavy objects and are transferred by forklifts; while light-duty shelves are suitable for storing lighter goods, which are transferred manually. Both are widely used. Heavy-duty shelves and light-duty shelves are only one word difference, but the quotations are quite different. What makes such a big difference, how do we distinguish between heavy-duty shelves and light-duty shelves?

First, the structure is different:

The primary components of heavy-duty storage shelves are columns and beams, which are used to store pallet goods. The shelf size is planned according to the storage policy and the pallet scale. In order to prevent the forklift from colliding with the shelves, some anti-collision columns and anti-collision guardrails are added. In addition to the column and the beam, the light-weight shelf first component is used to store small-sized items. Sometimes it is necessary to think about the storage of scattered small objects. It is possible to plan containers such as cartons or parts boxes on the laminate, which is beautiful and generous.


pallet rack 1_副本

Second, the shelf height is not the same:

Heavy-duty storage shelves are usually accessed by forklifts. The height of the shelf is the first to think about the net height of the warehouse and the height of the forklift. The height is more than 3 meters and the maximum is more than ten meters. The light shelves are usually stored manually. Pick up, the height of the shelf is more than the artificial height and the height of the climber, mostly less than 3 meters.



Third, the device is different:

Heavy-duty storage shelves have large bearing capacity and high height. In order to ensure the stability and safety of the shelves, it is required to punch holes in the device, and the shelves are fixed on the ground with expansion bolts. Therefore, it is necessary to pull up the expansion bolts when disassembling; The weight bearing capacity of the light shelf is usually less than 150kg per layer. The device can be placed directly according to the plan of the drawing, and it is convenient and quick to disassemble.


light duty rack_副本

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