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What Is The Difference Between Mezzanine Shelves And Steel Platform Shelves

- Apr 22, 2018 -

Both mezzanine shelves and steel platform shelves are based on supporting parts, aimed to improve the utilization from vertical space in the limited land area, thereby increase the storage capacity. But even they have the same good application, there are a lot of differences between them.

mezzanine rack.jpg

1. Similarities

1) Both mezzanine shelves and steel platform shelves can build two or three floors. In addition to the ground floor, the other floors can be paved with steel plate, so that carts and workers can walk on the floor;
2) Both need to design staircases, and all need to be equipped with discharge port, to realize easy goods access;
3) Both can set up office space inside the shelves if need it ;
4) Both are whole assembly structure, convenient disassembly;
5) Can be increase the lighting system to facilitate the business night work in accordance with customer demand;

steel platform.jpg

2. Differences

1) Mezzanine shelves adopt beam-type shelves or medium-sized shelves as the support, and the steel platform is the H-beam and other profiles as the support;
2) Floor design, mezzanine shelves can be designed according to the requirements of the mesh plate, steel plate, while the steel platform is usually galvanized plate;
3) For same area, the cost of steel platforms will be higher than the cost of the attic shelves;
4) Due to the different structure, steel platform using primary and secondary beams and H-beam, will be more robust than the shelf-supported mezzanine shelves.

Although there are similarities and differences between mezzanine shelves and steel platform shelves, but in the use of the process, both mezzanine shelves and steel platform shelves can achieve the same application. Only from the two applicable industries, there would have specific design, or according to the specific needs of customers, select the most suitable one.

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