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What Issues Need To Be Considered When Customizing A Medium-sized Shelf?

- Feb 10, 2019 -

All customized products require us to tell the manufacturer of the demand, and then the manufacturer will process the product according to our requirements. Only in this way can we purchase a customized product that suits us. The same is true for this type of medium-sized shelf that is used in many companies' warehouses. It is a product that needs to be customized, because each company's requirements for its use may be different. So what issues do we need to consider when customizing a medium-sized shelf? It is recommended that you can choose from load-bearing requirements, size (taking into account information such as warehouse area), and applicability (selecting types based on this).


The shelf is used to store the goods, so this requires it to have a certain carrying capacity. When we are customizing medium-sized shelves, the first thing we should think about is the weight of our products, and whether the shelves can withstand the weight of the products on the shelves. The carrying capacity of each type of shelf is different, even the same type of steel made of steel of different specifications, the carrying capacity is also different. In order to use the shelf safer, it is recommended to consider that the upper limit of the load per layer is higher than the weight of the goods we actually placed. Only in this way can it be safer and not equal. Because we are likely to put less weight in the actual use of the process, sometimes put more, and even more likely to exceed our pre-expected weight, it can be seen that the upper limit of the reserve is reserved It is necessary to improve security. The load capacity of medium-sized shelves is related to the size and material of beams, columns and partitions. Generally speaking, the thicker and thicker the beam and the column, the greater the bearing capacity, and the thicker the separator layer, the greater the bearing capacity. If it is necessary to place a plastic tray on the shelf, then the load bearing has a certain relationship with the plastic tray. In short, when we are customizing medium-sized shelves, we need to clearly tell the manufacturer that the required load, and to say a little upward, leave a little room.


We need to measure the size of the warehouse to determine how large the size of the custom mid-size shelf is. Generally speaking, ordinary shelves are mainly primary and secondary structures, and the whole is assembled by N main and auxiliary frames. The size of each main sub-frame is fixed. All of us need to tell the manufacturer about the length, width and height of the warehouse. Then they will combine the size of the main and sub-frames of their products according to the size of the warehouse, and give the medium-sized shelf placement and installation plan according to the actual demand. If it is feasible, It is possible to determine how many main frames and how many sub-frames are needed.

The applicability of custom medium-sized shelves is mainly to determine what type we need, so that manufacturers can choose the right type of shelf for us, such as whether it needs A-type or B-type, or choose loft-style medium-sized shelves, etc. .

Only after we have defined the load-bearing capacity, the length and width of the warehouse, and the type of shelf required, we can customize the medium-sized shelves to be satisfactory. This information must be clear and clear.


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