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What Kind Of Mold Rack

- Jun 18, 2018 -

Now that the mold rack market is confusing, there are a lot of newcomers who have just entered the industry and can't distinguish clearly. Take the mold racks we are trading for example to give you a simple science popularization. The mold racks are divided into:

1 standard type semi-suction mold rack, standard full suction mold rack

2. With the day model, the crane is divided into triangular crane with I-steel crane

3.Heavy duty

4.Full open

5. Sliding

6. Extension type.


mold rack 3_副本.jpg

About many non-standard products, we are able to customize according to customer requirements.

Standard Drawer Mold Holder Features

The standard of our standard shelf is a main rack and two add-on rack four-layer standard drawer mold rack; specifications; L900*W600*H2000

1. Each drawer board can bear 800-5000KG

2. Triangular crane (traveling) bearing 800-1000KG, I-steel crane 2000-3000KG

3. All the drawers can be drawn out, it is recommended to draw 90 percent. If the rack is  half drawer, you can only draw one half, but it is generally recommended to draw one third.

4. Safe and reliable additional safety devices. Three-layer safety device, a layer of safety pins, a layer of expansion screws, and a layer of our special bearings, this model is 6305.

5. The use of lightweight bearing assembly, sliding balance and independent hanging mold device

6. Save space, floor area of 1.8 square meters, can store dozens of sets of small and medium-sized mold

7. Simple structure, assembled from a variety of components, easy to disassemble, transport and assembly.


mold rack 4_副本.jpg

Our products includes: Pallet rack (beam rack), Drive-in rack, Radio shuttle rack, Push back rack, Cantilever rack, Mezzanine, Steel platform, Live rack, Carton flow rack, Medium duty shelving, Light duty shelving, Drawer rack, Movable archive shelving, Work apparatus etc.



We have passed ISO9001:2008 certificated in 2012, CE certificated in 2014, and all of our products comply with AS4084-2012 standard, American RMI standard and FEM standard. 


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