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What Safety Regulations To Consider About High Heavy Duty Rack?

- Jun 21, 2018 -

In order to ensure the safety of people, objects and equipment in the high-shelf area, this specification is formulated.


Firstly. Only 1200mm standard trays are specified in high-rise racks, and the height per tray (with tray height) does not exceed 900mm, and the weight per tray does not exceed 500kg (weight per pallet does not exceed 200kg).

 1, prohibit the use of non-standard wooden pallets on the shelves.

 2, prohibition of ultra-high, ultra-wide. The shelf height and layer width have been limited. The dimensions of the pallets and the cargo should be slightly less than 100 mm above the net space.

 3, prohibit overloading. The weight per unit of storage of the goods shall not exceed the maximum load (1700kg) of the shelf design. The principle of piling up should be to put light goods at high levels and heavy goods at the bottom.

  4,prohibit the damage of the wooden tray used on the shelves.

  5,It is forbidden to stack non-integral or non-packaged scattered bulk cargoes on shelves above the second floor.



Secondly. High-shelf forklift operations.

  1. In addition to the second license, forklift drivers must also undergo a special assessment at the scene of warehouse managers.

  2.It is forbidden to hit the cross beam of the shelf when the forklift is operating. Forklifts should be handled as slowly, lightly, and gently as possible during operation.

   3. when the forklift truck operation, the weight of the goods is prohibited, the foot is light, and the tilt is prohibited. The cargo and cargo surfaces should be kept in order.

4. Pay close attention to the conditions of up and down, left and right, and before and after the forklift driving operation. When doing this, you must concentrate on one thing and do not carelessly cause unnecessary accidents.


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Thirdly. High heavy duty rack that forklift drivers and shelf managers can enter.

 1. People entering high-level shelves must wear safety helmets. Non-regulated personnel are prohibited from entering high-shelf areas. In particular, it is strictly forbidden to perform any other tasks in the high-shelf area. If there is a violation, shelf managers and other workers will assume the same security responsibility.

  2. High-level shelf management personnel are responsible for guiding and managing responsibilities for anyone who needs special access to the shelf area.

  3. When there is cargo above the shelves, no personnel are allowed to directly enter the bottom of the shelf.

  4, shelf management personnel found that shelf beams and columns are damaged, it should report to the department.

  5,Individuals will assume all responsibilities if they refuse to discourage unauthorized access to the shelf area and cause accidents.




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