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What Should Be Considered About Warehouse Storage Rack Program

- May 21, 2018 -

The storage rack design is usually based on the customer's needs, combined with the safe, rational and economical shelf design solutions given by the shelf professional's own experience, to satisfy the customer to the greatest extent, and to solve the customer's handling problems such as handling, sorting and turnover. So, what should the customer's situation be considered for the shelf design?


1. Handling equipment

Access to storage devices is accomplished by moving equipment. Therefore, the selection of storage equipment needs to consider the handling equipment, the height, width of the shelves, and the width of the channels, which directly affect the configuration of the stacker.

2. Inbound and outbound volume

The size of the inbound and outbound storage is one of the important choices that affect shelf storage devices. Different shelves affect the storage of goods differently, and some shelves can achieve better storage density, but poor accessibility, and some shelves to achieve first-in first-out is more difficult. Therefore, when choosing the type of shelf, consider the influence of the Inbound and outbound volume.

3. Accessibility

General storage and storage density are relative. The better the accessibility of stored goods, the lower the storage density. Although some shelves can achieve high storage density, storage management is more complicated. The three-dimensional automated storage has excellent storage and storage density, but it has a large investment and high operating costs. Therefore, in selecting the type of shelf structure, various factors must be comprehensively considered. Weigh the pros and cons.

4. Building structure

The building structure will affect the choice of storage equipment. The height under the beam will affect the height of the shelves. The position of the beam and column will affect the configuration of the shelf. In addition, the design and installation of the shelf must consider the strength and flatness of the floor and be selected according to the corner size of the area of the house structure.

rack 1_副本.png

Kingmore racking graceful project has rich experience. We can design storage racking plan according to different customer’s needs, and the shelf adopts Q235 steel production. The quality can stand the test, the service life is long, trustworthy!

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One customer have sent many inquiries of different kinds warehouse storage rack to me. I always try my best to design front view, side view and top view of rack according to his warehouse layout or some details information. This is a project of the pallet rack, but he want me to design two plans for him. One is beam length is 2600mm, the other one is beam length is 3300mm for his choice. And finally he chooses the 2600mm beam, then he also wants me some pictures and technical specification parameter to him. And then I always try my best to offer the best service, the best quality and the best price to him asap.


Our products includes: Pallet rack (beam rack), Drive-in rack, Radio shuttle rack, Push back rack, Cantilever rack, Mezzanine, Steel platform, Live rack, Carton flow rack, Medium duty shelving, Light duty shelving, Drawer rack, Movable archive shelving, Work apparatus etc.



We have passed ISO9001:2008 certificated in 2012, CE certificated in 2014, and all of our products comply with AS4084-2012 standard, American RMI standard and FEM standard.

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