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What To Consider When It Comes To Customizing The Shelf At Its Height And Level Height

- Mar 08, 2019 -

Shelves can be customized according to their own warehouse. When customizing, the height of the shelf and the height of the shelf can be determined according to their own, but when the height and the level height are customized, you need to consider the experts of the shelf manufacturer will introduce these ones.


Shelf-made height:

Since the shelves are customized, there is no fixed height. As for how high the height is, it depends on the type of shelves that the designer chooses for the enterprise and the height of the enterprise warehouse. At present, there are two main types of shelves, one is standard shelves, and the other is non-standard shelves.

The standard shelf is mainly artificial storage, and the height is about 1.8m. This is a suitable height. If the user has equipment such as climbing the car, the shelf can be made higher, but the maximum is controlled within 3m. Non-standard shelves are mainly forklift storage, and the height can be more than ten meters. The main consideration is the net height of the enterprise warehouse and the maximum height that the forklift can rise.

Shelf-made layer height:

There is no fixed height in the shelf height, mainly considering the packaging specifications of the stored goods. If it is a laminate shelf, the height of the shelf can be considered as the reference height of multiple cargo yards, and if it is a pallet shelf, the shelf height is required to be a unit. The height of the palletized goods is a reference. In addition, the shelf height can be adjusted up or down by 75mm or 50mm, which is more flexible.

I believe that after listening to the above narrative, everyone needs to consider the height and height of the shelf.



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