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When Should Choose Drive-in Rack

- Oct 11, 2017 -

Drive-in rack

Suitable for small varieties, large quantities of goods storage. Forklifts into the channel access goods. 

Kingmore drive in racking.jpg

As the forklift need to enter the racking system of internal access to goods, usually single-sided picking proposal does not exceed 7 cargo depth. To improve the speed of forklift, we can choose the guide track according to the actual needs of the configuration. 

Compared with the selective pallet racking, the drive-in racks can increase more than 30% space utilization, have almost double the storage capacity in the same space than the usual pallet racks.

Drive-in rack is widely used in large quantities, less varieties of goods storage, such goods packaging uniform, single product, such as: food, tobacco, cold storage and other warehouses.

Shelf (racking)composition:

Pillars(column, post,upright), brackets, brace, back pull, top pull, top beams, partitions(row spacer), double legs(double arm), single legs(single arm), upright protector, rails and other components.

Kingmore racking drive in shelving.jpg

Shelf (racking) Features:

1. On the support rails, the tray is stored in the depth direction, one immediately followed, which makes high-density storage possible.

2. Access to goods from the same side of the shelves, after the first deposit, after the first deposit, balance and forward forklift truck can be easily into the middle of the shelves of access to goods, without taking up multiple channels.

3. This shelf for storage of large quantities, less varieties of items, through the shelf (into the shelves) of the legs and legs are used by the overall stamping / rolling technology, with a strong carrying capacity, beautiful appearance of goods The

4. Drive-in rack is full plug-in assembly structure, column for the assembly structure.

The stability of the drive-in racking system is relatively weak in all kinds of shelves, for which the shelves should not be too high, usually within 10m, besides, the system also need to add tensile devices. This kind of system shelves are arranged with extremely high space utilization, suitable for storing the same kind of goods of the same type. 


1. Drive in rack is also known as corridor-style shelves or through-type shelves.

2. Forklift can be placed into the roadway storage tray.

3. Access have two types, first in first out (FIFO) and first in last out (FILO).

4. Can greatly improve the space utilization.

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