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Why Choose Double Depth Pallet Rack System

- May 22, 2018 -

Double depth pallet rack, also known as double deep shelves, are derived from ordinary beam rack. It is an intensive shelf storage system. Shelves are designed as a double row side-by-side structure and work with a scissor lift truck. The utilization ratio of the warehouse is about 42%, and the selection rate is 50%. The roadway is designed according to a forklift and has the same structure and adjustable shelf. With the characteristics of high space utilization and large storage capacity of goods, it is widely used in food and beverage, tobacco, papermaking, and manufacturing industries.


Double depth shelves can increase storage by 75% to 100% compared to common beam shelves, but there are also some deficiencies. For example, after the access to the rear row of goods, only the corresponding goods in the front row can be removed or displaced before access operations can be performed. Double-depth shelves cannot be first-in, first-out, but only advanced and late. In order to improve the utilization rate of the warehouse, it is necessary to consider storing the rear row of racks in general and storing the front row of racks afterwards. Double depth beam shelves, in order to access the goods when convenient, usually need to install 2 forklift guides in each tray position, used to guide the entry of the tine.


Main features of double deep shelf:

1. The height of the beam is low, and the working height in the warehouse can reach 8 meters.

2. Moderate inventory turnover, providing 50% selectability.

3. Suitable for warehouses with low pick-up rates, up to 42% ground usage.

4. Double depth shelf structure is simple, high utilization, large storage of goods.

5. Inventories are twice as high as ordinary beam-type racks and can effectively relieve storage pressure.

6. Need a special forklift to work; Scissor-type forklift to work.

7. Forklift lane width needs to be about 3.3 meters; and the normal spacing between back to back is 200mm.

8. Reduced number of channels, increased number of shelves, and double the amount of goods stored on common beam shelves.

9. The high position warehouse uses a special forward stacker (some called a three-way forklift) to operate, and the stacker forks generally use five-level forks.

10. After the goods are advanced, only the corresponding goods in the front row can be taken away or displaced before they can be accessed. It is difficult for the shelves to be first-in, first-out. In order to improve the utilization rate of the warehouse, the inventory must be considered storing the rear row Shelf firstly,  and then store front row shelf.

11. When taking the goods, try to remove the front and rear row of goods as soon as possible. If you cannot pick them up at one time, it may affect the warehouse utilization or access efficiency.

12. The construction cost of each location is the lowest cost kind of shelf system in all three-dimensional warehouse systems.

13. Compared with single-depth shelves, dual-depth shelves adopt four sets of shelves to stand by and discharge, which effectively reduces shelf passages. Each storage shelf line can store more than twice the number of trays, so the storage capacity is much higher than that of ordinary beam shelves.


Our products includes: Pallet rack (beam rack), Drive-in rack, Radio shuttle rack, Push back rack, Cantilever rack, Mezzanine, Steel platform, Live rack, Carton flow rack, Medium duty shelving, Light duty shelving, Drawer rack, Movable archive shelving, Work apparatus etc.



We have passed ISO9001:2008 certificated in 2012, CE certificated in 2014, and all of our products comply with AS4084-2012 standard, American RMI standard and FEM standard.

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