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Why Quality Is The First Element Of Heavy-duty Racks

- Mar 12, 2019 -

For warehouse storage, not only must the utilization rate of the entire warehouse be high, but also the safety. The current shelf manufacturers also offer various services because of various requirements of customers, which can be tailored to customers. The height of the customized shelf and the choice of materials ensure the safety of the customer while ensuring the highest utilization rate of the entire warehouse, and the overall cost and service life of the heavy-duty shelf is the most cost-effective. For the operation of the enterprise, the shelf as the backup force is naturally the most critical operational factor, so better manufacturers can provide better services.

Reasons for companies to choose heavy duty shelving:

The choice of heavy-duty shelves usually depends on the size of the warehouse, the weight and type of the warehouse, and the use of the warehouse. It is made of cold rolled steel and can be stored in large warehouses, large warehouses and heavy goods.

Although the storage density is relatively low, but the load-bearing weight is large, equipped with trays and various accessories, can also be used for mechanical storage, can solve the problem of most materials acquisition, widely used in manufacturing, third-party logistics distribution centers.

Heavy-duty shelves enable the storage of goods in a three-dimensional state, which makes warehouse goods management clear, and can be easily managed using forklifts and elevators. The column is made of a plurality of angled hot rolled sheets and has a large weight. Overload: The weight of each layer should not exceed the maximum load of the shelf design. Used to prevent head weight: should be able to achieve advanced goods, bottom heavy goods principle.

Prevent collisions: The truck should be handled as easily as possible during operation. When placing the goods on the top of the shelf, the operator should try not to enter the bottom of the shelf. The height and width of the shelves are limited. The size of the pallet and cargo should be slightly less than 100 mm.

Low cost, safe and reliable, easy to assemble and disassemble. It is suitable for manual access. When the goods are very high, the corresponding loading and unloading machinery is required. The use of heavy-duty shelves should be standardized to some extent, including the safe use of forklifts and the orderly placement of goods.

Regardless of the kind of shelf, quality is the first element of the shelf. In order to ensure the safe use of the warehouse, the choice of heavy-duty shelves is a good reputation manufacturer, and the second is to select the materials according to the prescribed materials is the most economical, Of course, if there are conditions to choose a more solid raw material, the safety factor will be even higher. In general, companies choose heavy-duty shelves because of the need for goods, and quality is also a key factor. Without the guarantee of quality, the security of enterprise storage cannot be guaranteed.

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