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Drive in rack manufacturer from China

- Dec 27, 2018 -


Drive in rack is also known as gallery-style shelves. Due to the adoption of pallet access mode generally through shelves are widely used in large quantities, less variety of goods storage. Drive in racks almost has double the storage capacity than the average pallet rack , because the cancellation of the roadway between the rows of shelves, the shelves together, so that the same floor, the same column of goods next to each other, the largest Limiting the utilization of storage capacity.


2Characteristics :

1), the shelf of the corbels and cow legs shelves  use the overall stamping, rolling technology, with a carrying capacity, good looks;

2), Drive in rack full plug assembly structure, column assembly In general, the total depth of the shelves near the wall area is preferably controlled within 5 pallets depth to improve the efficiency and reliability of the forklift access

3), high-density storage: on the support rail, the pallets are storaged one by one according to the depth;

4), access to goods from the same side of the shelf , Forklift can easily access the middle of the shelf to access the goods, without taking up multiple channels, arranged densely, high space utilization. However, the stability of the drive in rack system is weaker in all kinds of shelves, for which shelves should not be too high, generally less than 10m.


3, Application :

Drive in rack arranged intensive, lower investment costs, space utilization is extremely high, the utilization rate can be increased by 30%. On the support rails, the pallets are stored in the depth direction and the cargo is accessed from the same side of the shelf. It is a kind of FIFO storage system. It is suitable for storing small kinds and large quantities of the same type of goods. It is also very common on Other food industries and the tobacco industry .

Here is a very big project of drive in rack, we provide the best drawing, the best service, the best quality and the best delivery time for our customer. So he is very satisfied with our racking, and place many other orders to us again and again.


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