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  • Multi layer Mezzanine Floor Racking System

    Multi layer Mezzanine Floor Racking System

    1. Product introduction: Steel structure mezzanine is a perfect solution for designing extra floor space in your existing building. This enables you to achieve uninterrupted space above and below...

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  • Light Duty Rivet Boltless Shelving

    Light Duty Rivet Boltless Shelving

    Rivet shelves, also known as rivet racks, wide span shelves, double rivet shelves, double rivet boltless shelves or speedibilt are becoming a very popular shelf or shelf type. The benefits are...

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  • Heavy Duty Push Back Rack System

    Heavy Duty Push Back Rack System

    Push back rack system is a high density storage system, it can make the most use of the warehouse spaces, so it save space. In the same area, push back rack can store many more goods comparing...

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  • Heavy Duty Cantilever Rack System

    Heavy Duty Cantilever Rack System

    Products summary: Cantilever rack consists of column, base, arm and connecting bracing. Single and double side are both available. Column height can be up to 6000mm and arm length is better to be...

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  • Long Span Shelving Rack

    Long Span Shelving Rack

    Medium duty shelving type B is also called Long span shelving rack. It comprises uprights and beams hitched each other. The layer height of beams is adjusted by pitch of 50mm. It is suitable for...

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  • Push Back Rack System

    Push Back Rack System

    Product details Push back rack system: For high storage density, many level product storage, you can't beat Kingmore racking 's Push Back Racking System. It is designed to make the best of...

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  • Selective Pallet Rack Wire Mesh Decking

    Selective Pallet Rack Wire Mesh Decking

    1. Product Description: Warehouse durable galvanized customized metal wire mesh decking normally suit for light-duty goods, One piece has a loading capacity varying from 300kg to 1000kg . Shelf...

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  • Medium Duty Shelving Rack

    Medium Duty Shelving Rack

    1. Product Description: Medium duty warehouse storage rack Why choose Kingmore racking group? 1), High Quality material controlled made us a good supplier of pallet rack. 2), Large output yearly...

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  • Drive In Rack System

    Drive In Rack System

    1. Product Description: It i s d esigned for the storage of homogenous products, a large number of pallets for each sku. Better use of the floor area and height space than any other racks . The...

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  • Heavy Duty Pallet Racking

    Heavy Duty Pallet Racking

    1. Product Application ▲ Pallet rack system is one of the most fashionable and economical rack at present with character istics of big moment of inertia, great loading capacity and strong shock...

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  • Multi-level Light Duty Shelving

    Multi-level Light Duty Shelving

    1. Product Description: Light duty shelving consist of upright, steel panel and footplate. It is designed for manual operation, widely used in factories and supermarket. 2. Detail show: 3....

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  • ASRS Automated Storage And Retrieval Racking System

    ASRS Automated Storage And Retrieval Racking System

    1. Product Summary: Automatic tiered warehouse consists of the equipment, such as warehouse building, automatic control and management system, high-level rack, tunnel-type stacker...

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