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Push Back Rack System

Product details Push back rack system: For high storage density, many level product storage, you can't beat Kingmore racking 's Push Back Racking System. It is designed to make the best of the storage areas while still combining excellent selectivity and maintenance-free design. When...

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Product Details

Product details

Push back rack system:


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For high storage density, many level product storage, you can't beat Kingmore racking's Push Back Racking System. It is designed to make the best of the storage areas while still combining excellent selectivity and maintenance-free design. When loading each pallet, place it on a free-rolling pallet and push it back into the system by loading another pallet. When unloading, gravity moves the pallet forward to the aisle on the telescopic bracket without having to reach or drive into the rack. Everything can be accessed from a single channel through FILO arrangements, minimizing space requirements and maximizing the number of picking surfaces. Kingmore racking's push-back racking systems are available in two, three, four, five or six depth pallet configurations.


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● By combining high-density storage with high-speed access, push back  rack provides efficient space utilization. Follow the principles of FILO (first in, last out).


● The total depth of the rack should not be too deep and stored densely in the depth of 6 pallets.


● The weight of single goods is generally less than 1500kg, and the rack upright height is less than 6m.



It can make the most use of warehouse space. So it can save space, save storage cost. In the same area, push back rack can store many more goods comparing with conventional pallet rack. Push back rack system doesnt need forklift to go into the racking lanes, so enhance safety factor for forklift operator.

How do I know if the push back rack is suitable for my warehouse?

Push-back racking system is ideal for storing large quantities of products, with a limited number of pallets and high turnover rates. However, this system is not suitable for every warehouse, so it is recommended that you consult a pallet rack professional engineers to help evaluate your needs and make good suggestions on which system is best for your application scheme.



How to operate for the push back trolley?

The Push Back Racking System features a nested cart system that holds up to 6 trays per pallet location. The pallets are located at the top of these trolleys, and when the pallets are loaded, the pallets on the pick side are pushed back, as well as any pallets behind. Then place the new pallet on the trolley nested below. Similarly, when the pallet is pulled out of the picking surface, the pallet behind  moves forward one position.



Projects of the push back rack system



We're one of the the largest Pallet Rack suppliers in China, equipped with a professional and productive factory at your service. If you are interested in our push back racking system, welcome to send some inquiries to us. They are all in line with the standard of TUV, CE, ISO9001, RMI, AS4084, Q235 and Q345. And the customized orders are also welcome.


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